About Us

The name 'Omnate' is derived from the words 'omni', meaning all, and 'donate'. It embodies our vision of everyone donating to support all the causes they care about.

Omnate was created to solve the extremely time-consuming & complex process of donating to the best charities in the world fighting for specific global causes. Everyone cares about at least one cause, and we believe we should all be able to support them on a global scale no matter how busy our daily lives are.

However, simplifying donating is just a small part of a big vision. Our aim is to grow a family who really care about our world, because it's not about how much we donate individually, but collectively. Thanks to Omnate, we are now able to invite friends & family to donate to the causes they care about, unlocking the potential for exponential growth.


Graphic designer, software developer, video producer, entrepreneur.

Hakeem Javaid

Hakeem started his first business at the age of 14, and co-founded his first tech company after dropping out of university in 2014. His consumer-tech company worked with global giants including Intel & Google, but despite the great potential of a money-rich future, Hakeem left his growing company to dedicate his unique tech skillset & experience to more meaningful ventures. To date, he's built innovative products across various industries - education, healthcare, music, travel - including designing and building Omnate.


Big-hearted individuals who help Project Omnate in their spare time.

Aalia Javaid


Aaniya Ahmed

Customer Development

Aleem Javaid

Business & Finance

Alejandro Saucedo

Business Strategy

Ayesha Iqbal

Content Editor

Bao Tieu

Business Strategy

Hiba Saleem

Business Strategy

Hateem Javaid

Content Editor

Jag Gill


Kajol Patel

Research & Marketing

Parikshat Singh

Team Logistics

Simhika Rao

Customer Development


Founding community members who helped Omnate grow from the beginning.

Aaron Hsu
Afshan Shaikh
Aisha Hussain
Anisha Malde
Ayesha Ashraf
Ayesha Khan
Burhan Khan
Dimmas Ramadhan
Huma Mahmood
Kasim Ahmed
Kyrillos Sidarous
Maan Singh
Meer Farazmand
Natasha Khullar
Niall Ahmad
Oliver Ford
Rafia Javaid
Raja Farrukh
Rizwan Zeb
Robbie Smith
Sadia Aleem
Samad Wahid
Sandra Sequeira
Sarah Connellan
Sevgi Kozakli
Shiraz Jamshaid
Sunil Jindal
Umar Ahmed
Umar Iqbal
Umar Riyaz
Vandan Koria
Yasir Ashraf