With help from multiple independent charity-research organisations, including the Wise Giving Alliance, Charity Navigator, Charity Watch, GuideStar and Great Nonprofits, we've found the most-effective international charity for each cause below.

The top charities were selected based on:

In short, the top charity representing each cause will ensure your donations have the largest and most effective global impact.

Top Charities

Listed below are the top charities for each global cause, with links to full reports on each cause and charity:

Cause Charity  
Cancer Cancer Research Institute
Children UNICEF
Education Institute of International Education
Emergency Aid Red Cross & Red Crescent
Environment Friends of the Earth
Food/Hunger Action Against Hunger
Medical Aid Direct Relief
Water CharityWater

Future Causes & Charities

Potential future causes that the Omnate platform will support include:

Cause Top Charity  
Human Rights TBD  
Poverty TBD  
Shelter TBD  

If you would like to suggest another cause to be considered, or if you'd like to recommended a top charity to represent any of these causes, you're more than welcome to .