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Cancer is one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality, responsible for nearly 1 in 6 deaths worldwide. In 2015, 8.8 million deaths were reported due to cancer, and it's expected to rise by approximately 70% over the next 2 decades.

Top Charity: Cancer Research Institute

Cancer Research Institute (CRI) is the world's leading international cancer research organisation, funding leading scientists in 33 countries across the globe with cutting-edge research making an impact on all cancers. They've made great accomplishments in the field, and are expected to continue playing a pivotal role in the global fight against cancer.

Charity Stats & Comparison

Below you'll find a summary of the charity's statistics and independent reviews compared to other leading organisations (you can hit the icons to view in-depth charity reports from each independent research organisation):

Cancer Research Institute World Cancer Research Fund Wordwide Cancer Research
scope International International International
% cause 85.70% 73.72% 63.13%
% admin 14.30% 26.28% 36.87%
countries 33 ? 34
founded 1953 1999 1979
Independent Review
C.N. Score 94.69/100 n/a n/a
C.N. Rating n/a n/a
C.W. Grade A n/a n/a
G.S. Level Gold n/a n/a
G.N.P. Reviews (x80) n/a n/a

CRI is one of three major international cancer research organisations. Despite CRI being the only one to have been reviewed and vetted by multiple organisations, they are in fact one of few exremely highly rated & reviewed charities from all five charity research organisations, making them a clear trusted top choice for the global fight against cancer.

Impacting All Cancers

From the preventive vaccine for cervical cancer to the first therapy ever proven to extend the lives of patients with metastatic melanoma, CRI has already helped lead major treatment breakthroughs for a number of cancers via 'immunology'. As every cancer type is unique, immunology and immunotherapy are positively impacting each cancer in different ways. You can read more by hitting the button below.

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Where CRI Work

CRI's impact in cancer research extends into nearly every top academic institution and medical center in the world. Their funded scientists from more than 30 countries have made and continue to make important discoveries about the immune system and how it can be harnessed to conquer cancer.

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Accomplishments & Progress

Since 1953, CRI has played and continue to play a major role in bringing about and accelerating the understanding and treatment of cancer, with their discoveries having helped countless cancer patients over the past six decades. You can view a detailed list of their accomplishments or a timeline of their progress to date:

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Join The Fight

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