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The lives and futures of millions of children are in jeopardy. By 2030 it's estimated 69 million children will die under the age of 5, 60 million will be out of primary school, and 167 million will live in extreme poverty.

Top Charity: UNICEF

Working in 190 countries and territories, UNICEF is the world's leading organisation fighting for safe and healthy lives for millions of innocent children across the globe. They've spent 70 years working on child survival, child development, child protection and emergencies, with the goal of ZERO children abused, exploited or denied basic rights to healthcare, education and protection.

Charity Stats & Comparison

Below you'll find a summary of the charity's statistics and independent reviews compared to other leading organisations (you can hit the icons to view in-depth charity reports from each independent research organisation):

UNICEF Save The Children Kids Alive
scope International International International
% cause 90.30% 89.60% 85.00%
% admin 9.70% 10.40% 15.00%
countries 190 120 15
founded 1947 1932 1916
Independent Review
C.N. Score 85.64/100 88.14/100 100/100
C.N. Rating
C.W. Grade A A n/a
G.S. Level none Gold Silver
G.N.P. Reviews (x25) (x100) (x6)

Although 'Kids Alive' has high independent ratings, their global reach is very small compared to both UNICEF and 'Save The Children' (STC). Both UNICEF and STC are effective international charities helping children. However, UNICEF not only serves significantly more countries, but their ties with governments worldwide give them a bigger voice and hence more impact on the sustainable development of children.

How They Help Children

All the way from providing a healthy start & basic education for a bright future, to life-saving care when disaster strikes, UNICEF staffers fight for every child seeking safe shelter, nutrition, protection from disaster and conflicts, and equality. To view in-depth information on each of areas they focus on, hit the button below.

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Where They Work

Fighting for 6 million children in the Syrian Arab Republic is just one of 190 countries & territories where UNICEF are working on the ground, despite the many challenges staffers have to overcome. Hit the button below to view a list of all countries with information on their current situations.

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Child Research & Statistics

UNICEF's work is grounded in empirical data, rigorous research and thoughtful analysis. They continuously monitor the situation of children across the globe, which helps create effective programmes, campaigns and initiatives wherever they are needed most. They've put together a dedicated site for their research data, which you can visit by hitting the button below.

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Let's Save Children

If you'd like to join us helping millions of children around the world, simply tick the 'Children' cause when joining the Omnate family...


UNICEF Research Data Site
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