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Hundreds of women die every day due to complications of pregnancy and child birth. Over a million fatalities occur every year due to HIV/AIDS related illnesses, with a million more due to Tuberculosis. It doesn't help that over 30% of the public healthcare sector around the world do not have access to essential medicines, and for those who do, it's not always affordable.

Top Charity: Direct Relief

Direct Relief is one of the most highest rated charities in the world, commended for it's remarkable efficiency. Active in 70 countries, they work to help people and communities whose health has been critically affected by poverty or emergencies, without regard to politics, religious beliefs, or ethnic identities.

Charity Stats & Comparison

Below you'll find a summary of the charity's statistics and independent reviews compared to other leading organisations (you can hit the icons to view in-depth charity reports from each independent research organisation):

Direct Relief Doctors Without Borders PATH
scope International International International
% cause 99.20% 89.00% 83.60%
% admin 0.80% 11.00% 16.40%
countries 70 69 70
founded 1948 1971 1977
Independent Review
C.N. Score 100/100 92.61/100 92.17/100
C.N. Rating
C.W. Grade A A n/a
G.S. Level Platinum none Gold
G.N.P. Reviews (x15) (x30) (x1)

Although Doctors Without Borders are unique in providing medics as well as medical supplies, Direct Relief's approach to tackling health is not only greatly renowned for its financial efficiency, but is also more focused on sustainable impact as they leverage local medics who will continue to provide essential healthcare in the long term. Direct Relief also has the most outstanding independent reviews ever recieved by a charity.

Life-Saving Medical Support

Direct Relief's medical assistance programs equip health professionals working in resource-poor communities to meet the challenges of diagnosing, treating, and caring for people affected by poverty and disaster. Their work includes providing screening and treatment for Cancer, HIV/AIDS and Diabetes, alongside a strong focus on protecting women through the critical periods of pregnancy and childbirth.

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Improving Health Worldwide

Founded in 1948, Direct Relief has delivered medical aid to 105 countries worldwide, and are currently active in 70 countries including all 50 states in the US. They've partnered with local health providers, leading healthcare companies, and business leaders, to deliver medicines, medical supplies and equipment through transparent, reliable, and cost-effective channels.

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High-Impact Donations

Direct Relief are widely known for their highly cost-effective programs, with 99% of the donations they receive directly funding health on a global scale; only 1% is spent on fundraising and organisation running costs. They have and will continue to effectively impact health on a global scale. To view their latest accomplishments, hit the button below.

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