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What does 'Omnate' mean?

'Omnate' is a fusion of 'Omni', meaning all, and 'donate'. It embodies our vision of all of us supporting all causes we care about, because only together can we hope to make a real difference in the world.

How does Omnate work?

Omnate simplifies donating into 3 simple steps:
  1. Tick the global causes you care about
    (each linked to the best charity fighting for it on a global scale)
  2. Enter a monthly budget to be split evenly between them
  3. Donate.
All donors can edit, pause or cancel their donations in mere clicks via their account.

How were the 'best' charities chosen?

The best charity for each cause was picked with help from 5 different independent charity-research organisations. You can find out more here.

How many charities are linked to each cause?

There is only 1 charity linked to each cause, the one we've deemed the best fighting for it on a global scale. However, we've also included information on the second and third best charities for each cause for you to see how they compare.

How are donations split?

On the 1st of each month, your donation will be evenly split between the best charity for each cause you select.

Can I donate more to one cause than others?

We have considered adding this feature, which we may do as an 'advanced' option. If this is something you'd like, !

Can I donate one-off instead of monthly?

As we're focused on 'supporting' global causes, and due to recurring donations being more reliable/powerful for charities, we are only focused on monthly donations for now. However, we will be allowing one-off donations for members in the near future.

Does Omnate take a cut from donations?

Similar to how JustGiving takes a 5% cut from donations, Omnate takes a 2% cut to cover our running costs. However, as explained here, we've reduced payment-processing fees so more of your money goes to charity when donating via Omnate.

What updates can we expect for Omnate?

Omnate is still very young, so there's a lot to come to improve charity-donations even further. Below are just a few potential features that you'll see in the near future:
If there's something else you'd like to see, please !

Do you support 'Gift Aid' in the UK?

Omnate will support Gift Aid in the near future, and we'll notify all UK donors when we do. For now, we recommend focusing on inviting friends and family to donate with you, as that can lead to well over +100% of donations to charity.


What does my 'Impact Score' mean?

Impact scores represent your individual global impact, a simple figure that allows us to track how big an impact each of us are making. It is calculated by:
To preserve equality and privacy amongst the community, impact scores are not influenced by how much individuals donate.

How do I boost/multiply my impact?

By simply inviting 1 or 2 friends or family members to donate with you, you'll double or triple your impact without donating an extra penny. There's no limit to how many you can invite, therefore no limit on how much you can grow your impact. This will be represented in your profile's impact score.
NOTE: New members will see a '48 hour countdown' when they sign up. During this time, you'll receive double the usual impact points you would normally get.

What is 'total' monthly donations?

Every donor you invite leads to more donations to charity, which means more support for global causes all thanks to you. Therefore we've added a 'total' monthly donation figure on your profile, which is a total of your monthly donation plus the monthly donations of all donors you've invited, so you can keep track of your actual donation-impact.
NOTE: You must invite at least 3 donors to see an exact total monthly donation figure. If you've only invited 1 or 2 donors, you will only see an average donation total in order to preserve their privacy.

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